Free Authorization for Release of Medical Records Form


Use this document to give written consent to the entity you are asking to transfer your records to do so.

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Product Description

Medical privacy laws often prevent companies and organizations from peeking into your medical records without your permission. This is often a good thing; you don’t want your employer asking your doctor about any recent visits unless you’re OK with it. But sometimes, there are situations in which an individual, company, or organization will need access to your medical records, and you’ll need to authorize the release of those records.

You may need to release your medical records when you’re changing doctors. Medical professionals won’t always have access or permission to your records when you move or change physicians, so you may need to authorize your prior doctor, clinic, or hospital to release these records to your new healthcare provider. You may also need to release these records to someone investigating an injury that happened at work or a claim of disability.

Whatever the need, this free Authorization for Release of Medical Records form can allow you to simply and painlessly authorize the doctor or medical provider holding your records to release them to the people who need them.